A pool style for every personality.

From minimalistic and modern to freeform tropical escape, Leisure Pools offers a variety of fiberglass swimming pool shapes and sizes to suit all personal styles. Before taking the plunge, take a tour of the exciting collection of fiberglass swimming pools offered by Leisure Pools.

Available Pool Designs

The Limitless™

This fiberglass swimming pool offers everything you want in pool design: a splash pad, a spa and a pool but packaged in a more compact pool design. For those who want a little of everything and not willing to sacrifice quality, you will find this to be the perfect backyard pool.

  • 26‘ x 12’ 6"
  • 30‘ x 12’ 6"

The Ultimate™

This pool offers it all: a splash pad with built-in spa and a generous swimming pool area with a classic rectangle pool design. Your home will be the place to be in the neighborhood. An incredible inground composite fiberglass swimming pool that showcases what the good life is all about.

  • 30‘ x 15’ 6"
  • 35‘ x 15’ 5"
  • 40‘ x 15’ 5"

The Icon™

Go big when you go home to your backyard swimming pool that has a splash pad, a built-in spa and an eight-foot deep end suitable for the use of a diving board – or just jumping into. This is one of our biggest inground fiberglass swimming pools and it offers big family fun.

  • 40‘ x 15’ 5"

The Reflection™

One of our most versatile and popular designs with a long bench along one side of the pool. This allows for generous entry and exit as well as seating for all while relaxing in your backyard swimming pool. This fiberglass pool fits to almost any lifestyle whether it be a night by the pool or exercise for the kids.

  • 23‘ x 12’ 6"
  • 26‘ x 12’ 6"
  • 29‘ 7" x 12’ 6"
  • 32‘ 11" x 12’ 6"

The Reflection Incl. Splash Deck™

How do you make a popular inground pool even better? By adding a splash pad to it. All the features that make one of our most popular pools are here but now we have a great place to add lounge chairs, bubblers or simply a place to tickle our feet in with cool water. The definition of backyard pool paradise.

  • 27′ 11" x 12′ 5″
  • 31′ 2" x 12′ 5″

The Reflection Plus Cover Box™

What is better than your own inground swimming pool? One that has an automatic swimming pool cover on it that gives you greater safety for your family and prevents debris from getting into your pool keeping it cleaner. Not to mention that is fun to watch autocovers gently slide open and close.

  • 26′ x 13’ 4″
  • 29′ 3" x 13’ 4″
  • 32′ 7" x 13’ 4″

The Wave™

The Wave™ invites you to unwind with its spacious splash pad design and many seating options and relaxation stations. Soak up the sun on the beautifully curved tanning ledge, which offers plenty of opportunities to safely enter and exit the pool.

  • 30‘ x 15’ 6"
  • 35‘ x 15’ 6"
  • 40‘ x 15’ 6"

The Summit™

Looking for a splash pad but your backyard is a little more demanding? This pool offers you a full width splash pad but in a narrower design that allows you to enjoy all the benefits in a more compact size. You can have it all with your inground fiberglass pool even in the city or restrictive space.

  • 30‘ x 14’
  • 35‘ x 14’

The Pinnacle™

True to its name, this has become one of our most popular inground fiberglass pool designs. The most outstanding feature is its full-width splash pad that allows for placement of lounge chairs on it, the use of bubblers and of course for children and family pets to stand in and enjoy the coolness of the water.

  • 30‘ x 15’ 5"
  • 35‘ x 15’ 5"
  • 40‘ x 15’ 5"

The Palladium Plunge™

An incredible plunge pool that seems perfectly built for two. Relax in your own backyard pool or add spa jets for an even more enjoyable pool experience. This flat bottom, inground fiberglass pool can be a family community pool and allows for incredible landscaping opportunities around it.

  • 16‘ x 8’
  • 20‘ x 8’

The Esprit™

This inground pool is the athletic design within our portfolio. It is trim, sleek and fit allowing it to fit in narrow backyards but long enough to invite the addition of swim jets for more powerful swimming – or simply relax and float in your tub, meditating on how wonderful your life is in your backyard oasis.

  • 18 8"‘ x 7’ 5"

The Harmony™

One of our most flexible pool designs that also provides a wide variety of sizes to fit almost any backyard paradise. Kids enjoy the variety of steps and bench seating while parents enjoy having a full swimming channel within the classic rectangle pool style.

  • 16‘ 5" x 9’ 6"
  • 19‘ 8" x 9’ 6"
  • 23‘ x 9’ 6"
  • 26‘ 3" x 9’ 6"

The Fiji Plunge™

The perfect plunge pool. A compact size to escape the heat and cool down. Or relax after a hard day at the (home) office. Or even better, for that romantic evening. Consider putting in a few spa jets for greater enjoyment.

  • 9‘ 6" x 6’ 11"

The Moroccan™

Our first pool design and the stylish features still feel contemporary. This unique inground design features three corners of steps and seating that flows into an open swimming pool. It has a little inset curve that gives you another unique feature to stand apart from any other swimming pool design.

  • 26‘ 11" x 13’ 6"
  • 30‘ 10" x 13’ 6"
  • 34‘ 2" x 14’ 6"
  • 38‘ 5" x 14’ 6"

The Cube™

European pool design that features the unique high-water line look. The auto cover area is placed at the front of the pool rather than the traditional deep end. This is a showcase pool design that can also be complimented with inground pool lights to accent its classic rectangle shape.

  • 23‘ x 10’ 8"
  • 26‘ 3" x 10’ 8"
  • 29‘ 6" x 13’ 1"
  • 34‘ 6" x 13’ 1"
  • 39‘ 5" x 13’ 1"

The Precision™

One of our European style inground fiberglass swimming pools, this features a distinctive and eye-catching high-water line. It allows the water in your pool to be almost to the very top of your pool creating a visually stunning swimming pool design. Style and function in one pool.

  • 23‘ x 10’ 8"
  • 26‘ 4" x 10’ 8"

The Infinity™

This is our definition of the classic swimming pool design. An inground fiberglass pool design with bench seating along the shallow sides but which is primarily open for nothing but swimming and water fun. It has an eight foot deep end and can be complimented with inground pool lights and water jets.

  • 40‘ x 15’ 6"

The Supreme™

This pool design has become a family favorite. It has seating in all four corners of the pool in the classic rectangle design but is open for a full swimming experience. It offers plenty of opportunities to include swimming pool lights while providing for great patio seating viewing of the fun in front of you.

  • 30‘ x 15’ 5"
  • 35‘ x 15’ 5"
  • 40‘ x 15’ 5"

The Elegance™

With entry steps and a small bench for seating, this rectangular design is an award winner. It simply looks good anywhere, in almost any backyard, whether it be small or large. This is the quintessential inground fiberglass swimming pool that makes everyone happy.

  • 19‘ 8" x 11’ 6"
  • 23‘ 0" x 12’ 6"
  • 26‘ 3" x 14’ 6"
  • 29‘ 7" x 14’ 6"
  • 33‘ 0" x 14’ 6"
  • 38‘ 4" x 14’ 6"

The Horizon™

Did someone say Party Time? This crescent shape design with a built-in spillover is a stunning, unique and award-winning pool design. The half-moon shape is perfect for relaxation or for hanging out with friends or sharing special moments with your partner.

  • 23‘ 0" x 15’ 9"

The Courtyard Roman™

Technically one of our small inground pool designs, this one’s still big on fun. The keyhole design at the end provides a relaxing seating area that can be complimented with spa jets for a soothing experience. Or use it as a plunge pool to get cool on warm days and nights.

  • 19‘ 9" x 11’ 6"

The Roman™

A bit larger than your plunge pool, this fiberglass pool still feels cozy with its unique keystone shape. The two seating areas provide opportunities for the addition of relaxing and soothing spa jets. This unique shape provides unique landscaping options.

  • 23‘ 1" x 11’ 6"
  • 28‘ 3" x 11’ 6"

The Eclipse™

Another one of our popular designs due to its generous splash pad that extends across the front of this inground fiberglass pool. With its freeform shape, it provides a unique style that seems to have its own personality that just welcomes families to enjoy time together.

  • 30‘ 0" x 14’ 9"
  • 35‘ 0" x 14’ 9"
  • 40‘ 0" x 15’ 8"

The Allure™

One of our most popular inground fiberglass pools with its stylish curves and full features including a splash pad, built-in spa and generous swimming area. This swimming pool design also allows for creative backyard landscaping.

  • 30‘ 0" x 14’ 9"
  • 35‘ 0" x 14’ 9"
  • 40‘ 0" x 15’ 8"

The Caribbean™

Your backyard paradise comes to life with one of our most fun pool designs. This inground pool features curves that invite the addition of a spa or tanning ledge while offering a shallow entry area that descends into the pool area.

  • 40‘ 0" x 16’ 0"

The Tuscany™

Some have called this design a kidney-shape pool or a bean-shape pool. Whatever you call it, it is stylish and eye-catching. This design allows for complimentary landscaping features from waterwalls to water fountains and fire pits to just adding in generous amounts of flowers and shrubs/ plants.

  • 23‘ 3" x 12’ 1"
  • 28‘ 6" x 14’ 1"

The Riviera™

Another incredible backyard inground pool design with generous curves that welcomes friends, families and neighbors together for days filled with fun, laughter and togetherness. This pool features wraparound entry steps with more shallow depth near the front. This is your staycation every day.

  • 26‘ 7" x 12’ 4"
  • 30‘ 3" x 13’ 11"
  • 34‘ 1" x 14’ 6"

The Mediterranean™

Another incredible pool design that features welcoming curves and rounded entry steps. After you step in, you move to a shallow area that then descends into an eight foot deep end that will have you in another world of happiness and joy. This is an inground pool for those with style and flair.

  • 40‘ 0" x 16’ 0"

Available Spa Designs

The Calvi Spa™

This classic round spa provides an easy walk-in entry step and a large wraparound bench seat. Position your stand-alone spa apart from your swimming pool and enjoy the benefits of a backyard escape with multiple gathering areas. Available with and without an optional spill over.

The Sorrento Spa™

This rectangular spa offers a variety of comfortable seating options, including a reclining lounge and three integrated bucket seats, all arranged to offer a relaxing and therapeutic full-body water massage. Available with and without an optional spill over.

The Amalfi Spa™

Step into this spacious square spa designed with open seating flexibility in mind. Experience a relaxing, therapeutic water massage known to promote less stress, improved circulation, better sleep, and fewer symptoms of arthritis and back pain. Available with and without an optional spill over.

The Opal™

The combination of a curved wall and straight wall on either side of this ledge ensure an easy fit alongside any swimming pool. Spill Over options create the calming sound of cascading water, while the 1’ depth provides an ideal place to bask in the sun or a safe area for young children to play.

The Topaz™

Enjoy the shallow depths and straight walls of this additional space, designed for poolside relaxation and activities. Further elevate your backyard escape with the stunning visual and auditory effect of integrated, cascading spill overs, available in a variety of options.

The Quartz™

The generously oversized surface of this extra-wide tanning ledge provides ample space for lounge chairs, sun bathing and children’s play activities. Available Spill Over options serve to create the calming sound of cascading water as it flows into your pool.